At Complete Care we offer a variety of care services providing experienced, caring and compassionate Carers who have been police checked and trained. We are confident we can give you a more cost effective package than you can obtain from any other source in the Isle of Man.

Hourly Care

Our Carers are trained and skilled in a multitude of tasks. From dealing with specialised and challenging conditions such as Dementia to personal care to cooking a simple wholesome meal.

Waking Care – Waking nights

If you need help during the night and are awake more than three times, seeking assistance, then a Carer will spend the night with you and remain awake all night. The cost for this care is according to whether the Carer is able to sleep during the night, or whether they remain awake at all times.

Night Care – Sleeping nights

If you, or someone close to you, need reassurance during the night, just to know someone is sleeping in the house with you, we can provide Carers who will stay the night. Your Carer will require sleeping arrangements which we will organise with you so, although Carers will sleep during the night they will always be on call should any needs arise.

Our prices are comparable to some of the nursing homes on the Island. Pick up the phone and you might be surprised how cost effective remaining in your own home can be.

Person Centred Care plan

Our individual Care Plans enable us to offer a flexible approach to the multiple levels of care. The Plans are based on the health and individual requirements of each client. An Assessment is carried out for all clients be it, hourly or 24 hour care and this in turn provides the basis of our adaptable pricing platform for each client.

Our Carers have been selected through a rigorous recruitment and selection process and all the team have been police checked. All our Carers undergo an initial induction training programme which then develops into a continuing professional development plan, regular supervision. Additional training sessions are run within the company utilising the expertise of outside health professionals who are engaged to deliver these training programmes.

Here are some of the services we at Complete Care can provide when we support you on an hourly or 24 hour care basis:

Personal Care

At Complete Care, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all aspects of the clients Personal Care are handled sensitively, with dignity and privacy.

Personal hygiene

Our Carers are skilled in helping you bathe, wash or shower. If you are uncomfortable with this they can also just help with certain tasks such as washing your hair.

Toileting needs

Your Carer will assist you to the toilet if you need help. This particular task is always sensitively and professionally dealt with to ensure your dignity and privacy.


Your Carer will help you get up in the morning and settled comfortably in bed at night. Your usual morning, bedtimes routines will always be followed.


If you need help remembering to take your medication your Carer will remind you and assist with the ordering and collection of medication from your local pharmacy. Your Carer will also help if you need any creams or ointments applying.

Meal times

Complete Care promotes client choices, client wishes. Our Carers are happy to cook, serve a wholesome, healthy meal of your choice at any time!

Meal preparation

Your Carer will be happy to help prepare and cook meals of your choice. Eat alone or with a Carer, this is your personal choice. Your Carer will be more than happy to either respect your privacy when eating or eat with you for social engagement.

Domestic tasks


Light housework such as vacuuming, dusting, general household tasks are happily undertaken by all of the Complete Care team.


Your Carer will assist in any errands you need such as shopping, going to the bank or picking up your pension.

Phone: +44 (0)1624 674119

Our Commitment to you:

  • Affordable packages of Care
  • A guarantee to always put the Client first
  • Flexible approach, responding to your changing needs
  • Robust policies and procedures that meet with IOM regulation and Inspection requirements
  • High trained and compassionate staff who have access to a 24h helpline