Complete Care


At Complete care we offer a variety of care services providing experienced, caring and compassionate carers who have been police checked and trained. We are confident we can give you a more cost effective package than you can obtain from any other source in the Isle of Man.

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Live in care

When hourly care is not sufficient enough for your loved ones needs, they may need the support of live in, 24 hours care. Someone who can offer support, companionship and friendship 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We realise that you are all individuals with needs that differ from person to person. That’s why we offer the flexibility of an adaptable live in care package for:

Long stay full time home care
A carer who will stay in your house with you so you may remain comfortable in your own home and live an independent life, making your own choices about the care you receive.
Respite / Short stay, full time home care
A carer to temporarily live with you to help while you recuperate from an illness, such as returning from hospital after an operation.
Serious / critical illness care
A carer to live in with you if you are suffering from a terminal illness and wish to remain in your own home in familiar, comfortable surroundings.

Night care - Sleeping nights

If you, or someone close to you, need reassurance during the night, just to know someone is sleeping in the house with you, we can provide carers who will stay the night. Your carer will require sleeping arrangements which we will organise with you so, although carers will sleep during the night they will always be on call should any needs arise..

Waking care - Waking nights

If you need help during the night and are awake more than three times, seeking assistance, then a carer will spend the night with you and remain awake all night. The cost for this care is according to whether the carer is able to sleep during the night, or whether they remain awake at all times.

Why choose Complete Care?

  • Affordable care within your own home
  • Care available from 1hr to 24hrs
  • Friendly, compassionate and well trained carers